Posted on: Tue, 02/28/2023 - 14:54 By: admin
Mohammed Yousef Al-Hammouri
Chairman of Board of Directors

Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the sender as a mercy and guidance to the worlds, our Master Muhammad “may God’s prayers and peace be upon him”, and after that,

  A new year we fold with love; to be added to the many years of giving in the Jordanian International Schools, we write its lines with dedication and look forward to a better future for our students, in which they will be able to work and learn, and keep abreast of everything new, surrounded by the skills of the twenty-first century, and possess the skills of thinking and problem-solving, proud of their national belongings and their striking roots in this. beloved homeland.

 My students:
 Today you start a new phase of your life, so get motivated and go ahead to make your nation proud, and to fill the hearts of your parents and teachers with happiness, and to increase the country's glory and splendor.
 We aspire to see you among the stars, capable of facing challenges, insisting on moving forward. You are distinguished students and deserved all our love and pride.

Distinguished teachers:
Bearers of the torch of knowledge and determination, you are the role model in knowledge and perseverance, and you are the example that nothing is impossible with the will. From you, we learned that planting hope is a profession and a craft, and that love is the basis of all success and excellence.
 With all signs of gratitude, we extend our praise and appreciation to you and thank you very much for your efforts to facilitate the path of knowledge for our students, providing them with various sciences, refining their personalities, and arming them with values and morals to be the best youth in this nation.

Dear Honorable Parents:

Thank you, You have placed the education of your children as a trust upon our shoulders, and you have put your trust in us, and you have been our loyal partners; along the way.
With your incredible efforts, excellence in education will be fulfilled, as long as you are the help and support.
We congratulate you for the success of your children, and may you be blessed with all goodness and hope.