Posted on: Sun, 02/12/2023 - 21:34 By: admin
Kutubee - كتبي

The 'Kutubee - كتبي' interactive reading platform is an engaging application that includes a library of illustrated children's books in Arabic, English, and French. The platform comprises carefully selected titles from various publishers, totaling over 1600. Suitable for ages 3 to 14, the platform serves as a supportive resource for the educational process and can be utilized on various devices at both school and home. The platform was developed with the expertise of education and library professionals to ensure alignment with library classification systems. The books are categorized according to the 'PYP' system, and stories are also classified based on the Arabi21 and Hanada Taha levels, taking into account individual differences among students. This helps enrich the educational process, adding both fun and educational value.

The Jordan International Schools take pride in collaborating with the 'Kutubee - كتبي' interactive reading platform. This platform is an integral part of our educational plans to cultivate a love for reading among our students. As part of our approved educational resources, the platform supports the learning process and reinforces classroom concepts by providing easy and interactive access to a wide range of books. We encourage our students to use this platform as an additional tool for acquiring knowledge and entertainment simultaneously.