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Our preschool and KG, built in 1994 , are located in a separate adjacent building in order to ensure maximum safety and comfort for our little ones. The KG building consists of three floors which are delightful, well-lit and spacious providing all our children with all they our children.  An English and an Arabic teacher are responsible for each KG class and are always present with their children to ensure the utmost benefit in each language.

 Our highly trained staff is committed to provide our children with a safe, nurturing environment where each child’s abilities are taken into account in all our developing programs.


Our Vision



We believe that each child should work at his/her own pace, should not be pressured, and that our teaching should be based on a child’s readiness to learn. Thus, our KG classes are divided into learning corners, allowing each student the freedom to choose the activity which is of his/ her interest.

We believe that learning through play allows each student to advance at his/her own pace; it also reinforces the concepts the children have learnt through enriching their practical, life experiences. Our KG staff incorporates fun and games into their everyday plans.  

 In addition to choosing highly specialized curriculums for our children in English and Arabic, our staff work relentlessly to develop our children’s cognitive abilities, social skills and emotional maturity.  



 Our Mission